recommended hdw: mobos, etc

New to this forum.

I am going to build a machine to try out PCI Accelerator Fortran & CUDA Fortran w/tesla or one of the earlier nVidia GP-GPU models I’ve got lying around.

OS will be Ubuntu, or RHEL if need be.

This will be a desktop solution, not server-class, and needs to have monitor attached.

Question: Any hardware recommendations for motherboards - eg is there a forum with a list of tested/validated mobos?

I know I’ve got to make sure I’ve got the beefy power supply w/a few PCI 6-pin power connectors, an x16 PCIe slot, and enough physical space on the mobo to fit a double-wide card…

But, there are other issues.

For example, I understand that some mobos assume that whatever GPU you have plugged into your x16 PCIe slot must be your video display, whereas others allow you to put your video card - you know, the one connected to your monitor - into a slower PCIe slot, and specify on post which card will actually be for your display.

Obviously the latter is what I want, since the x16 slot will be exclusively for GP-GPU use. So while there may be workarounds in the former case, the best thing is to avoid it altogether by buying the right mobo in the first place.

There may be other issues as well that I haven’t thought of.

Thoughts or comments?

Hi Peter,

We don’t have a list of hardware recommendations, but you might check the CUDA forums to see what other people are using.

I’m fond of ASUS and we have a couple of demo systems that use P6T motherboards; they’re great boards and will work with the display card in any slot.