Recommended/Intended Cuda Development Toolchain for Linux (Ubuntu)

I’m looking at the current 10.1.130 Release Notes and noticed that “Nsight Eclipse Edition” is deprecated in 10.1. I always used emacs, but thought that was the goto tool in order to visualize/debug/profile cuda code. I was wondering what the intended tools are now to perform these tasks on a Linux system for development, I’m relatively new to Cuda dev myself.

Would love to hear generally what kind of toolchains professional Cuda Linux devs use as well.

When researching a replacement for profiling capability of compute 7.5 with CUDA 10, I found this blurb on the nVidia web site

Yes, nvprof profiling is not supported for device with compute capability > 7.2, we suggest to use our new tools Nsight Compute CLI (command line tool) and Nsight Compute (UI) for profiling on 7.2 onward. It is available under directory.


It is also documented under What’s New

For more details about Nsight Compute, please check

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Profiler :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation
The user manual for NVIDIA profiling tools for optimizing performance of CUDA applications.
Nsight Compute :: Nsight Compute Documentation
The user manual for NVIDIA Nsight Compute.
Nsight Compute CLI :: Nsight Compute Documentation
The user manual for the NVIDIA Nsight Compute Command Line Interface.