Recommended libraries for getting&sending signals with multi-channel mic&spkers?

Hi everyone,

I’m very novice in CUDA.I started to learn CUDA today. but I don’t know where I should start from.
I want to make a multi-channel microphones&speakers control system.

Could I know which chapter(or topic, or library) for me to learn to get&send signals with multi-channel microphones&speakers by CUDA(or programming language you used)?

I’m trying to follow this thesis below:


I don’t normally view this forum, but if you were using embedded hardware you’ll find microphones are all interfaced with ALSA (for embedded it is a subset to this, see After that one typically goes through a CUDA-enabled pipeline, e.g., gstreamer (you might check out ALSA config to verify the mic, then gstreamer to use it…beware gstreamer has complicated pipelines and you’ll want to find examples to test as you go).