Recommended libraries for getting&sending signals with multi-channel mic&spkers?

Hi everyone,

I’m very novice in CUDA.I started to learn CUDA today. but I don’t know where I should start from.
I want to make a multi-channel microphones&speakers control system.

Could I know which chapter(or topic, or library) for me to learn to get&send signals with multi-channel microphones&speakers by CUDA(or programming language you used)?

I’m trying to follow this thesis below:


here is a link to get you started. They used some embedded nVidia products (Jetson TX2) for their programming

the document talks about many aspects of buffer management and keeping latency in check.

the presentation has links to a github repository at the end, maybe there is some useful code in there.

Thanks, cbuchner1. But Jetson TX2 seemed to have just 4 inputs and 4 outputs. but I need more # of channels.

And I have 2 kinds of audio interfaces. supporting at least 12 analog input/output channels up to 32 channels.
one is Echo audiofire12. (
the other one is RME MADIface XT( + M-32DA(

So If there is a solution with audio-interface(audio cards) then it would be better. Especially if it can be possible on windows7 or 10 desktop with nvidia GPUs.