Recommended Linux?

I am putting together a system for CUDA program development. It will be used for little else. I have a set of disks for Fedora 7. Is there any good reason to use something else? I would rather have something stable than some new bells and whistles that I won’t use. My prior experience with Linux is limited. Thanks for any advice.

FC 8 is also stable release and i think it is even better to use that one considering security.

I have no experiences with other Linux distros so I can’t comment on those.

I really like Ubuntu. I’ve never cared much for Red Hat products, they’re unintuitive and clunky in my view. Haven’t tried Fedora for a long while though so I may be completely out of date. I’m an OS X guy, and the only Linux distro that I’ve really liked was Ubuntu.

I swear by Ubuntu (been using it since 5.04, I guess), but Fedora has really improved a lot in the past few releases. SELinux is still terrible for a development system, though, so I would recommend going with either Ubuntu 7.10 or Fedora 8 with no SELinux support enabled (there’s an installation option to disable it).

the popular linuxes are pretty similar, so it’s not critical which you get. having said that, i wouldn’t chose by the cd you own because downloading is so easy. if you don’t want something complicated, ubuntu is the current standard “easy to use” choice. if you want something a bit more complex (i don’t think you do, but you might later if you decide to tweak things) fedora or opensuse are other options (i use opensuse myself).
whatever you choose, use a version that appears in the download menus (after selecting linux) at [url=“CUDA Toolkit 11.7 Update 1 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer”][/url] - that way you know things will work “straight out of the box” (i just installed on opensuse 11, which isn’t supported, and i got things working, but had to solve a few problems first).