Recommended Method of controlling Bootloader/Rootfs Slots in AB

In the documentation for 35.4.1 it states the nvbootctrl is intended for debugging purposes. Does this mean that it is not intended for production control of rootfs ab partitions? Is there a recommended method of configuration and control of which slot to boot?

Hi joe_kale,

I think the meaning of “debugging” in developer guide doesn’t mean it could not be used for production.
There’s fail-safe mechanism for rootfs redundancy so that the user may not need to switch slot in normal use case.
nvbootctrl is a userspace command which could switch slot, get slot info and so on.

Good to know that it can be used. Is there any documentation around the methods it uses to change slots if we decided it does not fully meet our needs?

Please just refer to the following instruction for the usage of this tool.
Update and Redundancy — Manually Modifying Boot Slots

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