Recommended performance measure tools

Are there any recommended tools for measuring bandwidth and performance?

  • Etherent over tcp/udp
  • PCIe read/write
  • NVMe SSD file system read/write


Hi BSP_User,

You can reference below tools to test performance:
● Ethernet → Using iPerf3 tool
$ iperf3 -c <ip> -u -b 0 -l 16K -t 120 -i 1
$ iperf3 -c <ip> -b 0 -l 16K -t 120 -i 1

● Read/Write performance → Using fio tool
[Direct write]
# fio --filename=/mnt/testfile1 --direct=1 --rw=write --bs=10m --iodepth=64 --size=60G --numjobs=1 --time_base=1 --group_reporting --name=test-seq-write --ioengine=sync
[Buffer write]
# fio --filename=/mnt/testfile1 --direct=0 --rw=write --bs=10m --iodepth=64 --size=60G --numjobs=1 --time_base=1 --group_reporting --name=test-seq-write --ioengine=sync

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