Recommended USB cam with ISAAC V4L2 package

Hi all,

I’m wondering if any of you have a good USB camera to recommend using with the ISAAC V4L2 node?

I tried using CSI and I was unable to get them working with the argus node in ISAAC even though I can get them working in ROS.


Could you describe what fails when you try your CSI camera? Logitech webcams have worked well for me at least with Argus. There was perhaps a useful conversation on this thread: Intel Realsense Camera still does not work with v4l2_camera issac application - #12 by jqin2014m7df9

I am using the freespace_dnn_inference that I have modified to use the argus node

I’m using a sony IMX219 with the following config
mode: 2
focal_length:[700.0, 70.0]
optical center: [360.0,640.0]
framerate: (I’ve tried 15,30,60)

Everything builds fine and I get no errors at runtime, but my argus node says 0hz in the sight app and I get no images from my camera.

I’m using this one and it works fine with ISAAC, just using a deepstream gst pipeline to decode MJPEG.