Recommended ZED version vs JetPack version on TX1


I would like to hear recommendations for the proper software configuration for using the ZED camera on the TX1.

It seems the ZED SDK and JetPack are always out of sync with each other when it comes to advertised version compatibility.

Previously it was Ubunto 16 vs 14, now that they are both on Ubuntu 16, the ZED SDK says it wants exactly CUDA v9.1 where the latest JetPack is CUDA 9.0. Should I just ignore that warning?

Looking at, I’m afraid last version for TX1 is for JetPack-3.1 with CUDA8.

On TX2, the last version supports JetPack-3.2 with CUDA-9.0.
I have installed it without any problem and it seems to work fine so far.

If it asks for cuda-9.1, maybe you are trying to install the PC version. Binaries wouldn’t work.

I have no idea what are the chances that TX2 SDK can work on TX1.