Reconfigure firware jetson-orin-nx

I finally got the necessary equipment, and went into the initial configuration procedure today. I completed the reviewing the default vendor firmware data, and went on to set up a ux login, which is fully functional. I didn’t have the necessary data, or understand the vernacular present in the screen, or two necessary to configure the wifi network system; figuring that I’d do after doing some inet homework to procure the user manual/config url. However, after scowering the net, I can’t find any relevant jetson-orin-nx firware reconfigure pages, and am only presented with an ‘ESC’, and F11 option upon reboot; neither of which take me into a proper native firmware configuration session. So, how does everyone else manage to complete these tasks with this device?

All right, ooooop! One gets via F11 → Setup, however the question regarding a URL which documents the sequence remains.

You may check with the vendor’s user guide for how to flashing your device.
You can also refer to Flashing Support — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

kaycccc Reconfig firmware Jetson Orin Nx
Thanks for the info. That’s exactly the type type of specific information that I’ve been trying to track down. However, is there pdf URL available for that page? Printing such a behemouth (print speak) at 70% scale, results in ~[7-8]pt characters (which is extremely hard to view), and a lack of the necessary page/totalpg references throughout the entire document. Thus, I (and everyone else that desires a paper readable doc) end up wasting a full day editing the result of such things, in order to add the necessary metadata, and deal w/other non-obvious mis-synced font non-installs, in order to produce a usable version.
And, as far as re-flashing the fully functional, working device software, and perhaps it’s firmware, that stands as the solution is extremely dangerous, and anathema, as far I’m concerned. Such risky operations have usually ended up with devastated conditions, all the way to wreckage, rendering a device unusable. Thus, I’ve spent the previous week tracking, becoming expert on remote configuration, and tethering. And while the availability, and access ease of,, etc, make them real easy to get ahold of, and execute, I would totally rather not use such tools, I would totally rather get the device bound to another computer via WiFi, and then do any update operations from the new machine, thereafter. So can/will you convince me that the (as far as I’m concerned) proper levels of security are built into this SW collection, thus preventing users from smoking an internal component/device, due to mis-understanding of what a particular application is meant to be used for or simply having made a mistake ?

Sorry but I don’t know what’s the purpose of this comment.
What is your exact issue? What are you worried about?

My first concern is that there are no pdf formatted files available for the NVidia Jetson Developer Guide
My second concern is transacting flash operations with the new reComputer J40 (SeeedStudios) machine that I’m not able to get network configured in order to ssh into the Ux OS (Ubuntu 22.04, I think) in order to carry out software update, and administration. I am trying to avoid having to execute re-flashing operations!

We just don’t offer it.

You should ask the vendor for help.

As in refer to:

Flashing Orin NX (seeed J40) with JetPack 6 preview fails

And, you should get an idea of the reasons for the avoidance or re-flashing, and what Im talking about!

It’s very likely the vendor has not yet made this board ready for JetPack 6, so we cannot help on it.

There’s no need to ask the vendor, as the vendor has delivered as monster functional system, fully functional ubuntu 20.40 OS, and installed, NVidia Jetpack 5.1 SDK, and Devel IDE, already, and working like a charm! The computational board is a designed result of the combination of the NVIDIA Ampere 64-bit GPU architecture operating compatibly with the existing Jetson Orin NX integrates advanced multi-function video and image processing, and NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerators. And, I want to keep it that way! So, it’s not the vendor that has propagated unusable software, that is not functional, or under-capable. I’m talking to NVidia, about some of it’s software that presently appears to only be able to be placed upon new hardware, via a re-flash process, in order to extend the NVIDIA centric abilities of this machine!

I don’t even know how the device was flashed initially, and since this is a custom board, maybe they use a different Ethernet chip that is different from the one NVIDIA uses on the DevKit, which may require additional driver/device tree changes that is not present on the official BSP released by NVIDIA, and that’s why I asked to go for the vendor.

If you cannot understand what I am talking about then I will just stop here.

The connectivity issue is a simple configuration glitch, due because of my in experience with a Direct Connected Wired Ethernet, Internet connection sharing administrative procedure; which I’ll have fixed in the next couple of days. But, once I get the machine connected, this is the concern What’s been delivered is not merely a board, it’s a full computer!
So, You/NVIDIA can’t help what? The system was delivered with NVidia Jetpack 5.1 installed already. So, how would it be that NVIDIA’s software version update process would not be able to be accomplished as a software function? Are you trying to notify this consumer, that NVIDIA’s update process can’t be accomplish thru a standard package update procedure. Or, am I hearing that NVIDIA WON’T facilitate this version update, via the standard software package update procedure?