ReconfigureEncoder returns InvalidVersion


I’m trying to force a keyframe in the NVEnc encoder. To that end, I’m calling the ReconfigureEncoder function with a NV_ENC_RECONFIGURE_PARAMS struct with the forceIDR field set to true and the version set to NV_ENC_RECONFIGURE_PARAMS_VER which is equal to 4060217356. This corresponds to #define NV_ENC_RECONFIGURE_PARAMS_VER (NVENCAPI_STRUCT_VERSION(2) | ( 1<<31 )).

This is done using Driver version 551.78 and NVEnc API version 12.2. It was the same for version 9.1 (with updated NV_ENC_RECONFIGURE_PARAMS_VER obviously).

I’ve not been able to successfully reconfigure the encoder at any points using any version of NVEnc. Please advice on possible next steps to figure out why this doesn’t work.