recorder-qt does not work properly on PX2

I’m trying to capture a recording from one Sekonix camera (ab, number 0) using the recorder-qt tool. However, I’m facing the following troubles on the PX2:

  • While capturing camera data, Start/Stop button blinks between white and yellow, but there is enough space on a hard drive (about 15GB)…

  • No matter whether I’m capturing camera data:

"camera": {
        "separate-thread": true,
        "record-thread-priority": 0,
        "write-file-pattern": "video_*",
        "sensors": [
                "protocol": "camera.gmsl",
                "params": "camera-type=ar0231-rccb,csi-port=ab,camera-count=1,output-format=raw,async-record=1,fifo-size=10",
                "channel-names": [

or nothing, I cannot stop the measurement and quit the recorder in a proper way, the GUI remains frozen and does not respond.

Any suggestions / recommendations / tricks?



One hit to the problem, that you cannot stop/quit the application: At my system, I needed to set the user rights to the storage drive/path to ‘allow everything’. Perhaps, this is helping you for the second part of your question. For the first part (white and yellow blinking) I have no idea. Never got this problem.

Dear alexey.abramov,

Could you please refer to below link for you topic? Thanks.

Hello Steve,

In that data logging FAQ post it says “For more information, see “Data Acquisition” in DriveWorks Development Guide.” However, I am either looking in the wrong documentation or it is no longer there. Could you kindly guide me to the location of the DriveWorks Development Guide and the Data Acquisition section within it? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi bjsmyth,
Please find it at <driveworks_install_path>/doc/nvdwx_html/