Recorder-QT store route and driver login data


the default driveworks recorder offers the option to select a route and a driver login name.
Where exactly are these information’s stored after recording? The vehicle vin is saved as txt file.

Dear JHaselberger,

The route can be set by selecting numbers from the 3 drop boxes. This semantics of route are user-defined, but a file containing this route number will be included in the recording. Thanks.

Hello Steve,

thank you for your answer.
Yes we have selected a route number and driver name.
The specific question is, how to retrieve this information after recording.
Currently there is no file containing the route so far.
The driver name is stored somewhere in the log.txt.

Dear JHaselberger,

The route, login-id and vin will be stored in dw*/aux_info file, here dw* is the recording folder. Thanks.