Recorder tool out of sync


we used your recorder tool to record 4 cameras and a 2 can buses.
We recorded lraw camera files.
The goal is to use all these sensors in our application as a virtual feed, to be able to debug/develop on table (out of the vehicle).

We noticed that there is a huge delay between cameras and even more with the can bus.
We got the following delays from the timestamps:
cam0 -> cam1: 360 ms
cam0 -> cam2:
cam0 -> cam3:
cam0 -> can0: 3000 ms

Is it normal? Is there a way to synchronize them from the beginning.
Is there a way to synchronize them in the application which reads the raw video files.
In your samples, the videos and can data seems perfectly aligned. Was it prepared manually?


Hi Anja,

on X-CSI usually the cameras sync automatically when capable. Besides, as you may have read in our docs, it is currently not possible to intermix cameras of different types on the same CSI port. Doing so causes corruption in the camera preview.

So far for the general use case. Since you are using your recorded files to enable remote debugging using virtual streams, how did you record those video files and what camera models did you use for it?

I am also afraid you are dropping frames, is it?

  • Fabian


I recorded the files using your recording tool. We used sf33225 camera model. We did dropped a couple of frames during recording.

The problem is that one camera starts recording sooner than the other. So when you look at the timestamp file and compare 2 cameras, one has ~10 extra frames, so the 10th frame of the first camera is synced with first frame of the second. Is there a way to make them start recording in the same time?

Hi Anja,

how many cameras did you connect per group and where they all of the same type?

Besides, please provide us your .json file you have used for recording. Check that you have disabled asynchronous recording there, since you are able to turn it on/off.

Additionally read the Camera Setup guide in the PDK Development Guide for synchronous recording.


  • Fabian