Recording Methods for Simulations

When conducting large-scale simulations, especially with over 10,000 objects, I’ve noticed a significant drop in fps when viewing in real-time. Is there a way to let the simulation run its calculations and then review the outcomes afterward? I am aware of the movie capture feature.

Not out of the box, one can use indeed the movie capture or OVD:
OmniPVD - PhysX Visual Debugger — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation to capture the time sampled data and then view it.


I’ve found information about omniPVD. However, I’m now facing a new issue. I’ve also posted this in a different thread, and the content is as follows:

I want to save physical simulations using omniPVD, but I’m unable to do so.
The checkbox becomes grayed out. The documentation states, “If the USD Stage is an OmniPVD Stage (it has OmniPVD prims), the checkbox ‘Recording Enabled’ is grayed out, as it’s not possible to record any simulation data from an OmniPVD Prim, as it remains an animation.” However, I’m not sure how to proceed. Can you please provide some guidance?

I have asked colleague of mine to comment in the other thread.


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