Recording Physic Animation (Eg Vehicle Dynamics) using the Animation Recorder

Hi, I would like to know can you record physic actions on the sequencer on Machinima? For example, I’m using the Vehicle Physics tool and driving the car around the stage but what I would like to do is to record/capture the driving actions I am doing on the stage onto the sequencer or keyframer. Is that possible?

you should be able to enable omni.recorder extension (Window->Extensions) and there if you select the vehicle you can records its USD transformation changes.


I’ve enabled the extension, but I’m not sure if I am doing it right. I tried using Animation recorder but it’s not accepting the Vehicle (the demo Setup Basic Drive from the Physics demo scenes) as a record target and tried the keyframer too.

I can animate vehicles onto Blender and import it on Machinima but I was curious if you can use the vehicle physics and record your movements using Animation recorder.

The omni.recorder works on selection, so you need to select the vehicle body, then it should record the vehicle body transformation changes.

Nope. Still can’t get it work :( Is it a seperate window?

Ok I did shot a video to show how to do that:

  1. Enable omni.recorder
  2. Change on the timeline the number of frames it looks like it would wrap otherwise at 100!
  3. Select the vehicle rigid body
  4. Start recording selection
  5. Simulate
  6. Stop recording
  7. Next play will play animation instead of physics simulation

Hope it works for you!

Yeah I tried out and it works! Thanks for your help :)