Recording the wrnch stream?

After a pretty long journey, I got my wrnch stream all the way to Machinima. What a joy!
But how can I record the movements, now it seems to stream OK but I cannot see the recorded motion…

Hello @pekka.varis! Just letting you know that I informed the dev team about your post. Thanks for your questions!

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Hello! I watched Dane & Zach tutorial about this:

Still, I cannot see any recorded motions in my seq…
What could this be?

Here is the recorded USD file attched, the one I create in the above video recording. All the takes were just 1 kb.

5th_take.usd (583 Bytes)

In the video above, you can see the error message on Machinima right after I have pressed stop. It says:

Does this ring any bells ?

Hey Pekka!

I reproduced your issue, it appears we might have a problem with the animation recorder and writing file names for the takes and begin with a number (i.e, 5th_take.usd fails, but fifth_take.usd works just fine).

I’ve wrote the bug: OM-40717 for this issue.

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