Recording videos in OR converting videos to h264 format compatible with Driveworks samples


I tried converting MP4 videos to H264 using VLC. However, using these videos with Driveworks samples gives error - “incompatible video”.

  1. Is there a way to convert MP4 videos to H264 videos which I can use with the samples?

  2. Is there a tool to record videos in RAW or H264 format that are compatible with Driveworks?

Note: I have data available in form of rosbag files. I can obtain individual frames out of this if there is any tool to create H264 videos out of raw frames.

Dear ana9017,

You may compile ffmpeg from sources (compile with --enable-pic for position independent code) on your drive pix. Then, you may convert from raw to x264, and back. That’s how I did. Thanks.