Recover SN2100 switch from 'grub rescue' prompt


I’ve just bricked an SN2100 because of power failure during ONIE uninstall process. Now everytime I boot it, it will goes to ‘grub rescue’ prompt. Is there any way to recover it? Can I follow this guide to re-install ONIE using USB drive?


Donny Hariady

Hi Donny,

Yes - you can use the usb onie recovery procedure

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for your quick answer! Right now I’m still waiting for usb-to-usb_mini converter cable, but as I observed I’ll need a password to enter the BIOS setting. Do we need to change boot order setting in order to boot from the USB drive? If yes then I’ll ask how or to whom should I ask for the password? This is a brand new switch - about one month - and nobody except me ever touched it so I’m sure the password is still default from factory.

Hi Donny,

Please open a case at and an engineer will be able to webex with you in order to access the BIOS