Recovering from Error 3 during Flash

I am trying to flash a TX2 board using
Ubuntu 16.04 running on
virtual box 5.2.2 r119230 (Qt5.6.3) with Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.2.2-119230
running on a MacBook Pro running 10.12.6

Got an Error: Return value 3 during
14.4811 ] Writing partition APP with system.img

After the failure, lsusb returned
Bus 001 Device 003: ID: 0955:7c18 NVidia Corp

But after I rebooted, lsusb did not “see” the port anymore.
I’ve tried switching the virtual box usb setting to 3.0, 2.0 and 1.1. No luck.

However, when I go to the Virtual Box usb tab; USB Device Filter pane, and select the second button (“Adds new USB filter with all the fields set to the values of the selected USB device attached to the host PC”), I see “NVIDIA Corp. APX”.

Why did Ubuntu lose visibility and how do I get it back?

  • THanks

lsusb will only show the Jetson when the Jetson is booted specifically in recovery mode. Only one operation can be carried out for a given boot into recovery mode, e.g., you can flash and then reboot and clone, but you cannot flash and clone without a reboot between flash and clone (in this case the reboot is with recovery button held down during power up or cycle). lsusb will still show the Jetson after an operation is complete unless it is rebooted without holding the recovery button.

VMs are a known problem and are not supported. Here is a URL which might still help: