Recovering from failed system update

How can I restore my Jetson TK1? I am just a novice, and I did an Ubuntu update, and now my TK1 boots to a blank screen. The start of the boot appears normal, but then when I expect the graphics screen, it is blank. Is there some way I can intterupt the boot to restore old software, or redo the update, or fix it from the USB connection, or something? Thanks for any help.

Sounds like the same old annoying issue. You should be able to login through ethernet and replace that file. Check the dedicated sticky thread for that issue.

The URL of the sticky thread:

Thanks. Yes, apparently that is the cause. I am having trouble fixing it. I plug in an SD card, but I am unable to mount it. Also, I cannot find a PC program that will act like a terminal program over the USB port, for logging into the Jetson. Is there a page somewhere with instructions? Thanks a lot.

You can copy the file over the network with (win)scp and then login with ssh/putty to use sudo to replace it.

FYI, USB port is not used for logins, unless you have a usb-to-serial-UART cable. You’d still need the DB-9 null modem cable. Example program on windows is PuTTY; under linux gtkterm and minicom (all free).