Recovering Shield TV (16GB) after flashing wrong ROM (500GB)

I got a “bricked” nVidia Shield TV that’s not booting further than APX mode.

It’s a 16GB nVidia Shield that was flashed with a 500GB ROM, hence setting all around the wrong partitions and making fastboot recovery impossible.

I do know that I can use nvflash to recover a device in APX mode, but I do also know that there are a set of parameters (offset and config) that need to be provided (along with the bootloader.bin) in order to proceed with that recovery.

After booting into the bootloader through APX, it should not be a problem to flash the proper stock ROM. Could anyone around here (or nVidia Devs) help with this? Are there any publicly available links where I can download the required software?

Thanks in advance.

Hey man! Did you figure this one out? I have the exact same problem

Yep, I throwed it away and got off with an intel-based box after asking for these parameters to nVidia. Community support is better than what you can get from this company, wonder I could rant but it’d be useless, this is the kind of service nVidia has always offered.