"Recovery attempted by replacing identifier..." er

Using pgcc version 6.0-5.

Getting the referenced error when compiling code. It is referring to include files “gconv.h”, “stdio.h”, “pthreadtypes.h” and others.

The description of the error in the Compilation FAQ refers to “math.h”. So, I was wondering what I could do in my case to get a clean compile.

Hi gindie,

These are standard system include files found in “/usr/include” and should be included by default. Which OS are you using? Are you trying to compile in 32-bit or 64? Are you able to compile a simple “hello world” program (below)? Also, please post the full compile line and error.


% cat hello.c
#include <stdio.h>
void main () {
   printf ("Hello World.\n");
% pgcc hello.c
% a.out
Hello World.