Recovery_copy_binlist.txt L4T 34.1.x Jetpack 5.0.x DP

Dear nvidia L4T support:

Please release a patch for recovery_copy_binlist.txt. The library paths for focal need to be updated for several libraries (painfully obvious when flashing an NVME drive on Xavier with an up-do-date Ubuntu rootfs based on focal). This is broken in L4T 34.1.0 and L4T 34.1.1, Jetpack 5.0.x DP.

The L4T team appears to be sorely in need of CI/CD infrastructure. This shouldn’t be that hard to automate unit testing to catch these issues early. Much customer sadness :-(

Hi I am wondering if I can get a flashing log from you. I cannot reproduce it from my end.

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@lhoang Thank you for the assistance. I don’t have a flashing log with errors handy and have many local fixes in place; I’m not set up to run an NVME flash with “clean” “as-shipped” L4T 34.1.1 source files. (In fact, that wouldn’t even work there are so many fixes required just to get to this point.) Here is an example of what I’m running into. Paths need to be corrected in recovery_copy_binlist.txt. Note, I’m using a freshly generated Ubuntu-based focal rootfs, pulled from upstream sources, not the as-shipped nvidia reference rootfs.




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