Recovery mode does not start

I altered the location of /usr folder in Jetson AGX Xavier. After that, the system continuously reboot. Unfortunately, the device does not enter the recovery mode even though I presses the force recovery and the reset buttons with the power button. Is there anyway to reset this device? Is there any way to save this device?

Follow this thread. Recovery mode

You might also describe how you know recovery mode was not entered. Basically the micro-B USB-C must be connected to the host PC, and then “lsusb” has to see the device. Not sure if there is a difference in lsusb for eMMC versions and SD card versions, but this will list all NVIDIA devices on the host PC:
sudo lsusb -d 0955:

Keep in mind also that the recovery button must be held down like a shift key during power up or power cycle.

Added note: VM users often fail here because the parent o/s is not passing the device through. This is the biggest reason VM flashes are not officially supported, although with work a VM might succeed. If you fail to see the device with lsusb on a VM, then likely the VM is at fault.

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Thank you very much for your help! I just successfully flashed my Jetson AGX Xavier. Previously, I was able to debug the davice by using gtkterm. After I ruined /usr folder in the device, I was not able to connect to the device with gtkterm even though ‘lsusb’ showed the connected device. I used a L4T Driver and a sample file system to directly flashed the device. Thank you very much for helping me out! P.S. For some reasona, SDK Manager stop working and it shows only ‘No SDK available’ even though I successfully login with my Nvidia Develop credential.

This is something NVIDIA could check on, but in many cases it is just needing to change the drop-down menu from “partner” to the regular developer login. On the other hand, if you have flashed with command line, then you can continue anyway.