Recovery mode jetson tx2

I want try recovery my kit Nvidia Jetson Tx2.
Can you give me any exactly document.

Normally you would simply flash to the version you want. The “driver package” plus “sample rootfs” do this (these work on command line from a Linux PC host…the version of “Linux for Tegra”, i.e., “L4T” depends on the driver package version). The “JetPack” GUI tool can download and run this for you (plus JetPack can install other software after the flash). JetPack adds the requirement of needing the host Linux PC to be Ubuntu.

Are you interested in the most recent version? This is recommended, and for a TX2 is currently R28.2 (if using JetPack this would imply JetPack3.3 version).

For a list of L4T versions:

For a list of JetPack versions:

Please beware that you will need to go to that link, then log in, and then go to the link again (login won’t redirect you).

If you go to the L4T R28.2.1 URL it will also have documentation which includes flash information:

The following is some alternate information on command line flash (current version is slightly newer than this, but aside from which package version directions are the same):

Just FYI, all flash is done over the micro-B USB cable. All package additions from JetPack are over the wired ethernet. If using JetPack you do not need to always flash…you can run JetPack at any time and simply add packages by unchecking flash. Eventually you will need JetPack for installing CUDA and some other packages.