Recovery mode ssh

My problem is that I put the Jetson Xavier into a bootloop. I had this problem before but back then I was able to ssh over USB. I got an drive mounted at my ubuntu host pc with called L4TREADME and I was able to ssh to But this time when i conenct the xavier with the USB-C cable to my host pc there is no such drive mounted and is not reachable. What need I to configure that I can ssh over the USB connection in recovery mode? I have to access the file system and delete a file to fix the bootloop.

Recovery mode is only good for the driver package flash software. There is no possibility of a regular system boot, nor of ssh or access of eMMC as bulk storage.

What you can do is attempt to build an alternate boot media rescue SD card and boot to that…once that boots, then you can mount “/dev/mmcblk0p1” somewhere and edit or remove the offending file. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this is possible on Xavier. I say this because U-Boot is not used, and I don’t know if CBoot searches for alternate boot media. You might want to mention the specific release you are using, and from that people can make comments on alternate boot media.

The method which will always work is to clone the rootfs partition (a.k.a., the “APP” partition). The raw image of the clone can be loopback mounted, edited, and then reflashed with the edited content. This takes significant time and disk space, but so long as the Xavier can be put in recovery mode, this will work. Depending on release, this too may have different instructions. Which release is on this Xavier?