Recovery Mode when reboot from commands

Hello whenever i reboot nano from commands like sudo reboot , nano goes into recovery mode.

Please let me know how to reboot nano from commands either i nees to alter any settings ?


whenever i reboot nano from commands like sudo reboot , nano goes into recovery mode.

This shall not happen… please check if there is a jumper on the recovery pin or not…

You might also create a serial console log. Start it when fully booted, and run a command like “sudo shutdown -h now” or “sudo shutdown -r now”, and don’t stop logging until it finishes. I would think that (if it works correctly) it would never boot “normally” if recovery pins are shorted, and it would never reboot to recovery mode if the pins are not shorted. A serial console log would show for sure what it is doing, and as @WayneWWW said, if it does go to recovery mode, perhaps there is something going on shorting the recovery mode pin to ground (e.g., a spec of metal dust or something unusual).

Incidentally, there is the command to intentionally reboot into recovery mode:
sudo reboot --force forced-recovery

You could examine:

  • Is reboot shown in the command:
    alias | egrep '(shutdown|reboot|recovery)'
    (nothing should show up)
  • Does another command show up running:
    • ls -l "$(which shutdown)"
      (which should point to systemctl)
    • ls -l "$(which reboot)"
      (which should also point to systemctl)

Hey , theres no jumper on recovery pins .

What should i do?

Is this NV devkit or a custom board? How did you tell the board is in recovery mode?

Its nvidia devkit , the fan continuously gets on when i attach display theres no screen.

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Why do you use a “fan” to tell this board is in recovery mode?

How about using some practical method to check? For example, if you can directly flash the board with right after you run sudo reboot?

Or dump the serial console log from UART?

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