Red light on TX2 board doesn't come on after powering on

I got the Jetson TX2 from others, but after powering it on, the two green lights can come on and the red light does not come on.

The photo of the whole board after powering on is shown in

The details of the two green lights are shown in

There are many jumpers in the board, so I guess someone may have changed the configurations of the jumpers. Thus, I put the details of the jumpers in my TX2 board in

Please help me find where the issue is, thank you in advance.

The red light is not always present. Before the TX2 came out there was no red LED there. Some time later (presumably when the TX2 was being designed) the carrier was updated and the red LED was added. I am going to guess you got an earlier carrier board.

Some additions were made to support increased options in a TX2, and although an earlier revision board would not harm a TX2, it might not have all of the options visible that a TX2 was designed to support. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to tell if you have a revision which simply didn’t have the LED.

Would someone here know how to tell if this carrier’s revision is valid for a TX2 (supporting all of the I/O header functionality added by a TX2 versus a TX1), and whether or not the red power LED would exist or not?

After carefully checking the board, I found that what I have got is TX1, not TX2! You can find that here,

I got the wrong board from others. I will change it and test again.

I am sorry for this mistake and thank you very much.