Redacted frames captured using NVIDIA A10/A40 MultiGPU system

Hi There,

          We are trying to capture and encode, frames using NVBC and NVENC API's of latest nvidia drivers over NVIDIA A10/A40 MultiGPU RHEL 8 Linux system. Quality of frames captured are very poor and almost redacted images. 

We tried multiple options to resolve this issue but no use

  1. We updated our program to use Latest NVBC - 8.0.8 SDK
  2. We update our program to use Latest NVENC - 12.1. SDK
  3. We updated latest driver for A10/A40 gpu - 550.54.14
  4. We also tried to disable mulitgpu/sli configuration in xorg
  5. Tried to reset GPU using nvidia-smi --reset-gpu

Nothing has worked for us. This issue is very critical for us, any help will be much appreciated.

System Details:

Machine : RHEL 8.4 (Oopta)
Desktop Manager : GNOME Shell 3.32.2
GPU : NVIDIA A10G (4 slots)
Nvidia Driver : 550.54.14
NVFBC SDK : 8.0.8

Xorg screen section configuration.

Option “SLI” “off”
Option “MultiGPU” “off”
Option “BaseMosaic” “off” (8.2 MB)

I am also seeing similar behavior on amazon ec2 with A10G cards. In my case though its giving a green and pink patches in the screen along with unreadable text.

Hello and welcome back to both of you.

The Capture SDK is deprecated if I am not mistaken, so it might be difficult to get support for this, but I’ll try my best.

I think its deprecated only for Windows looking at current web page for nvenc.