Redirecting profiler output to csv file

Is there a way to redirect profiling information into a CSV file while the profiler is running? Therefore, I can skip an additional step of interpreting the results with -ioption.


Yes, you can export the profiling information to a CSV by using the --csv option in the command you use to profile your application.

Depending on what you end up doing with the exported CSV, you might also want to look into generating a regular ncu-rep report with the -o/--export option, and then post-processing the results with the Python report interface which will allow you to have more information about the profile results than just the CSV dump.

If I use nv-nsight-cu-cli --metrics ... --csv --page raw ./app it will print the csv content on the screen. I was looking for a way to append the raw entries in the csv file, so that I can see the content while profiling is in progress.