Redshift Hydra Delegate

I see many articles online about a hydra delegate for Maxon’s redshift being available for Omniverse, but I’m unable to see where to actually find this delegate.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

@kai.groden-gilchrist i am not a redshift user, but i did come across this post on the forum (if the link below doesn’t work, you can try a search with the thread subject line Hydra plugin for NVIDIA Omniverse beta and custom builds) -

there doesn’t seem to be any recent updates in that particular thread, so not sure if it’s out of beta.

This is the only thing I can find on this and I just searched the Extension Manager. Nothing comes up. I will ask around. Team-Based Collaboration for Maxon Products Now Enabled by NVIDIA…

May I ask if you are not happy with the RTX Renderer that comes with Omniverse ?What features are you hoping for with Redshift ? It is a much slower rendering engine.

Hi @Richard3D, thank you for the reply. I have other teams in my organization using redshift, so a plugin would help us integrate cross-functionally. It’s not related to any performance related issues.

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