Reduce bounciness of a pile of objects


I’m stacking objects dropped the one on the other. At the beginning it behave like in the real world but when some layer are added the pile become to be quite bouncy. I mean, when I add an object it bounces like if all the bouciness of the objects under it was added. In the real world, this will not happen. The pile of objects is static to the eye when dropping another object on it. It is because the other objects under it will damp, consumming the energy, and not bounce.

I used the following parameters:

  • Convex hull decomposition
  • Rigid body physics material
    • Dynamic friction : 1.0
    • Static friction : 1.1
    • Restitution: 0.0 (I would like to put a few 0.01 but it only increment in 0.1 steps)
    • Density : 1.0
    • friction combine mode : max
    • restitution combine mode: min
    • compliant contact stiffness / damping : deactivated (I tried to activate it but then the objects fall through the ground plane)

Do you know what could be tested to improve the behavior of the pile ?


Hi @thibd,

Reducing bounciness using restitution = 0 should be the way to go. You should definitely be able to have finer control over restitution than 0.1 increments, in the property window you can ctrl-click into a property numeric value to enter values by keyboard.

It’s hard to say what’s going wrong in your scene without a repro. Do you have a USD to share?

Thank you,