Reduce flash time for AGX Xavier


I need to reduce the flashing time to the AGX SoM in a custom board.

Currently I am using the below command, once the system.img is created after first flash.

sudo ./ -r "$target" mmcblk0p1
Where $target is the custom board name.

The time required for the first flash with the system.img is about 20 mints and for the second time onwards it is taking about 15 mints with the help of “-r” argument.

Is any other way to reduce the flashing time to further more?

Ann Rose Antony

Is the reused “Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/system.img” a raw image, or is it a sparse image? If raw, then the size will be some exact multiple of 1024 bytes. If this is raw instead of sparse, then you can move the system.img to a new name and then use “bootloader/mksparse” to create a sparse version as “bootloader/system.img”. From the “bootloader/” directory, assuming your raw image is named “system.img.raw”:
mksparse -v --fillpattern=0 system.img.raw system.img
(don’t accidentally delete your original!)

@linuxdev Thanks for the response. We are now trying to work with the bulk flashing. We need to reduce the timing for flashing multiple boards. So assuming that will be more convenient method. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Ann Rose Antony

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