Reducing AGX Xavier Power Consumption

Hello, we are using Jetson AGX Xavier for a Portable Application, video analyzing using Deepstream. Can we reduce the power of the processor while still keeping the NVIDIA framework that we are built around? ( Jetson AGX Xavier)
We need to have 48 hour battery life.

Currently, we attached an 26lb battery that gives 100Ah, which should be downrated to 70Ah to account for low temperature, and degradation over the life of the product.

Another option is to find a light weight battery. Is there any light battery that we can use? any batteries that are half the weight of other 100Ah batteries we can find?

Currently at 18W with 4 cores

Is there any configuration you suggest in order to optimize power consumption?

The main power consumption may still be the time when you run Deepstream.

Have you checked the tegrastats when running the application?

What kind of battery fulfills my need? I need to have 48 hour battery life for Xavier AGX.

We don’t have the suggestion for bettery, you need to estimate the total power consumption to caculate the capacity to meet your 48 hours run requirement.

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