Reducing Costs with One-Pass Reverse Time Migration

Originally published at: Reducing Costs with One-Pass Reverse Time Migration | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Reverse time migration (RTM) is a powerful seismic migration technique, providing geophysicists with the ability to create accurate 3D images of the subsurface. Steep dips? Complex salt structure? High velocity contrast? No problem. By splitting the upgoing and downgoing wavefields and combining them with an accurate velocity model, RTM can image even the most complex…

While a one-pass TTI RTM is much more computationally efficient, it adds code complexity. NVIDIA has a collection of very well documented sample code that lowers the barrier to a one-pass TTI RTM. This sample code includes other tricks, such as compression on GPUs, which alleviates bandwidth bottleneck caused by snapshots. All code is freely available under NDA and our team can help with implementation/optimization. If interested, please reach out to me at