Reducing graphics load on gpu.

Is there a way to tell the graphics driver to reduce the graphics load on the gpu ? Especially graphics load coming from DirectX games/calls ?

Perhaps tell graphics driver to run points only, or wireframe model, or skip shading, or use reduced textures or no textures or empty textures.

Any tools available that can do this ? Any api calls ? Anything ?

Use case ?

There are debugging tools that replace the textures in the application being debugged with a solid color or user specified texture. However, this only servers to help debugging. I can’t really see any other use for a feature like this, though I think its a neat idea. The reason I say this is that most application already provides a mean to reduce the graphics workload (look at the graphics configuration settings for any games and see ).

Multi-Purpose. One win scenerio for nvidia is customers can test if the poor performance of a game is caused by cpu being the bottleneck or the gpu being the bottleneck.