Redundant license server configuration


Could you please explain how the subject works?

I have installed PGI 7.2-5 in this configuration and are able to invoke the compiler in my subnetwork. But the license is always checked on one server (it was called main in flexlm log). Could I force the compiler to use server in order I wish?

Also are there any (dis)advantages of such scheme?


Hi Sanik,

I’m assuming you’re asking this because you wish to load balance your license servers? Unfortunately, FlexLM does not allow you to load balance. What happens when you have redundant license servers, one of the three is ‘elected’ as the master and only the master can issue licenses. If the master server fails, then one of the two remaining servers will be elected the new master.

You can change the order in which the SERVER lines appear in your license.dat file. If the order for all the license files agree, then the first server to appear is the master server. If the order do not agree, then the servers are ordered alphabetically.

Hope this helps,