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Hello friends,

I need to reinstall the operating system of the Jetson Nano board through the SDK Manager. I would like to know how to perform the process of deleting the OS and all existing dependencies already installed to “reset” the board.

I am accessing the board via USB port and through the SDK Manager 1.9.2 10888.

Could someone please help me?

When you flash with sdkmanager it completely resets everything, including everything related to boot and the operating system itself.

Thank you for the response, @linuxdev.

But I can’t seem to delete/clear the operating system that’s on the flash drive. What appears in the SDK Manager for me is only to add other drivers (CUDA,…) and not to refactor the memory.

I need to refactor the memory and install an operating system from scratch.

On Jetsons which have eMMC everything is flashed via sdkmanager. However, on SD card models (where the SD card is directly on the module itself, not the carrier board) the content flashed is the QSPI memory. Any model which has the o/s on the SD card or external memory device (boot content is elsewhere, whether it is eMMC or QSPI) requires the external device to be installed separately. There should be instructions with each release suggesting how to install the external device content. Use the documents from your release (JetPack is the flash software, and its release version is tied to the L4T release, which is in turn what actually gets flashed). See:

Incidentally, you can uncheck parts you don’t want in SDKM, e.g., uncheck CUDA or any host components. Actual flash requires the Jetson in recovery mode, and after flash the Jetson reboots and then those components are added. If you uncheck those components then only flash would occur.

Hello friends,

I tried to change the boot method from flash to USB by modifying the path of the “extlinux.conf” file to the USB, and now the board is not booting.

Is there any alternative for recovering the operating system?

Please help me, thank you

This is a Nano, and so I assume you have an SD card? Possibly you could mount the SD card on the host PC and edit “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” (at the new mount point of course). That depends on whether the issue is in the SD card (or other USB media) or in the QSPI (which is part of the Nano). There are specific documents available with each L4T release with details for setup, but in terms of recovery:

  • Did you use a specific flash command?
  • What was your edit? What is the extlinux.conf content?
  • Can you use your USB device on the host PC for editing its extlinux.conf?

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