Reference document for switch chip with Linux driver of DSA architecture

Is there any reference document for the deployment and use of the switch chip with the Linux driver of the Xavier network DSA architecture?

Hi, can you tell more about what “switch chip” you mean?

Hi Trumany!
The switch chip model is Marvell 88EA6321. After the DSA driver is deployed, each port of the switch can be configured and accessed independently. The user space can be configured with VLAN, and the vehicle Ethernet master and slave can be configured in the user space.
marvell-automotive-ethernet-88ea6321-product-brief-2019-03.pdf (69.9 KB)


Need to add these to your tegra_defconfig.


The rest of info may need to contact with Marvell.

Thanks for the kernel configuration advice, we also modified the dts file:
tegra194-platforms-eqos.dtsi (5.3 KB)

after that, the xavier network ‘ping’ tx/rx works well, bust TCP/IP can’t work, and ssh can not login. i don’t know the reason, maybe device tree configuration need repair, please help to have a check, thanks.

Sounds unlikely to be an issue in device tree.

I am not sure how did you test “ping” without using IP. Could you clarify this?

IP address works well, ping works well.
but TCP data communication can’t work, and ssh can’t login.

This sounds not related to device tree anymore.

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