Reference documentation missing from Video_Codec_SDK_8.1.24 and Video_Codec_SDK_8.2.15

All earlier SDK packages used to contain samples guides (can live without that I suppose), but much more importantly there used to contain complete Encoder API reference documentation, a really good reference doc overview - its gone now!

For example in both Video_Codec_SDK_8.0.14 and Video_Codec_SDK_7.1.9 the NVENC - NVIDIA Video Encoder API
Reference Manual is in the Docs folder - for SDK 8.1.24 and SDK 8.2.15 drop it is entirely missing. Unless I have overlooked something I suppose that must be a mistake, so wanted to bring it up here.

Hi doctorhel,

The header file contains the same comments and description as the the Encoder API reference documentation. This is the reason why that documentation is no longer added as a part of the package.

Ryan Park