Refinement is not supported on CC characters?

I saw this great tutorial: Forest Walk Cinematic Animation: Part 2 – Look Development - Materials in Omniverse Create | NVIDIA On-Demand

12.30 he is using the refinement to smooth out the object.
I tried the same on my CC 3.43 character… Did not worked.

Is there any solution to make the closeup fingers smoother?
Now I can see the polygons there…

Hello @pekka.varis
Thank you for the question, I will bring it to the attention of the developers for review.
Thank you for your patience.

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Pinging @tjgalda who created that amazing Tutorial!

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Hi @pekka.varis ,
According to NVIDIA developer, the current version of Machinima doesn’t support smooth refinement (aka subdivision) on skeleton mesh (e.g. mesh of character with a skeleton).
Support will come in future version.

Ok, thank you!
So Create support this feature?

not yet

ok we wait no problemo :)