Refinement is not supported on CC characters?

I saw this great tutorial: Forest Walk Cinematic Animation: Part 2 – Look Development - Materials in Omniverse Create | NVIDIA On-Demand

12.30 he is using the refinement to smooth out the object.
I tried the same on my CC 3.43 character… Did not worked.

Is there any solution to make the closeup fingers smoother?
Now I can see the polygons there…

Hello @pekka.varis
Thank you for the question, I will bring it to the attention of the developers for review.
Thank you for your patience.

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Pinging @tjgalda who created that amazing Tutorial!

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Hi @pekka.varis ,
According to NVIDIA developer, the current version of Machinima doesn’t support smooth refinement (aka subdivision) on skeleton mesh (e.g. mesh of character with a skeleton).
Support will come in future version.

Ok, thank you!
So Create support this feature?

not yet

ok we wait no problemo :)

For now, if you absolutely need this feature, you can use the Maya omniverse point cache export feature to push out a second copy of the iclone usd scene, and this mesh will support refinements inside of create. As far as I know I think you will need to relink the mdl shaders from the original iclone usd exported project though.

Any chance we could get omniverse point cache exporting directly from iclone? I think this would do the trick.

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Now that I think about it, it may also work to export an alembic sequence from iclone and do the same thing, relinking the converted ov mdl shaders to the alembic mesh, although I haven’t tested this just yet.

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I am happy what is exports now, like this one:

I use your refinement on there cc4 characters when you have that feature ready. I needed this only on close-up shots and on some hair models.

I forgot to mention: if you do go through the steps of bringing your iclone usd into maya and export it out via animated point cache, be sure to set the subdivision scheme (under the refinement section of your objects) to catmullClark as it will not be enabled by default. This is an important step for getting the smoothing to kick in.

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Was Maya the child of Sumatra? The newborn Soft Image?
I used to learn & test Soft Image as a daytime job at -90, it was a super expensive license that was allowed only for non-commercial production!