Reflected directive: passing contiguous subarray


I think this subject was mention some time last year:

Is there any plan to add the possibility to pass subarray to a subroutine:

 call my_routine(a(:,:,ind))

using reflected directive for “a” inside “my_routine”.

I currently get the following message

 PGF90-S-0490-An array section of a is passed to the REFLECTED argument a, which is not supported

This would really be a great feature. Only a support for contiguous subarray, as in this example, would be enough since in the other case a copy is anyway generated.



Hi Xavier,

I asked engineering what the time line on this feature would be. They said it’s an important feature and that it’s on their “todo” list. However, there isn’t a firm time as to when it will be available.


Great, thanks for the info.