Reformat error for plugin with input format kHWC

I have a Jetson Xavier AGX with Jetpack 4.5 with TensorRT
I have a convolution that wants to output nhwc followed by an activation that doesn’t care about dimension layout.
I have a custom plugin for my activation with the following configurePlugin:

bool supportsFormatCombination(int32_t pos, const nvinfer1::PluginTensorDesc* inOut, int32_t nbInputs, int32_t nbOutputs) const
    const bool valid_dtype = (inOut[pos].type == nvinfer1::DataType::kHALF);
    const bool valid_format = (inOut[pos].format == nvinfer1::TensorFormat::kHWC8) || (inOut[pos].format == nvinfer1::TensorFormat::kLINEAR);
    return valid_dtype && valid_format;

I have a convolution prior to this operation that wants to use:
trt_volta_h884cudnn_128x128_ldg8_relu_exp_small_nhwc_tn_v1, if I allow kHWC8, then I get the following error during conversion:

[TensorRT] ERROR: ../rtSafe/cuda/cudaReformatRunner.cpp (251) - Assertion Error in combineDHtoH: 0 (nbSpatialDims == 3 && nbDims >= 5)

If I set my format to kLINEAR then everything works correctly, but I have a reformat operation before and after each activation. If I accept any input format, then I get the same error as above.
I have upgraded my jetpack 4.5 xavier to TensorRT 8 by extracting the debs from a Jetpack 4.6 install and apt installing them, this appears to work at first and resolves the previously mentioned error, but the model no longer gives usable output. From this post: How to create a plugin support input format::kHWC8? - #5 by pznucleus it would appear that upgrading to Tensorrt should be sufficient, however I can’t find a build of Tensorrt that works on Jetpack 4.5. My next attempt will be to try a Jetpack 4.6 ngc image to see if it is backwards compatible.


Do you have a sample so we can reproduce this issue in our environment?

Based on our document, kLINEAR is compatible with the NCHW data format.
Is your tensor stored in NCHW format?


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