Refresh_net_contact_force_tensor crashes with [RuntimeError: CUDA error: an illegal memory access was encountered] when running with PhysX GPU

refresh_net_contact_force_tensor crashes when running with PhysX GPU. It works fine when using CPU. The crash happens as soon as a contact is made between the robot and the object.

To reproduce, please apply this diff to the code that comes in python/examples in Isaac gym

< _contact_force = gym.acquire_net_contact_force_tensor(sim)
< contact_force = gymtorch.wrap_tensor(_contact_force)
< gym.refresh_net_contact_force_tensor(sim)

Run it as python and everything is fine, since it is running on CPU.

Run it as python --pyhsx_gpu and it crashes.

Hi @maniranjbar

Thanks for the bug report. We should have this fixed in an upcoming release.

Take care,