Refresh rate capped at 60hz on a 300hz monitor

So i have the latest drivers 515.57. My laptop monitor support upto 300hz on windows and on iGPU but on nvidia it is capped at 60hz. How can i get it work on correct refresh rate?

Here are log any help will be great…
i have tried everything
nvidia-bug-report.log (349.5 KB)

The laptop i have is asus tuf f15 2022 i7 12700H + rtx 3060. Everything works flawlessly on windows, but on fedora i am having this problem

Known bug in the intel driver:

Thanks for the reply.
The laptop does have a mux switch. (Asus tuf f15 2022 FX507ZM)
If i boot with (mux - dedicated from windows armory crate) on nvidia drivers. Screen goes dark and never boots.