Refresh window ui

Is there a function to refresh a standalone window? In the screenshots, when I add the target in window, I have to disable and enable the extension again in order to see the result. However when I do the same thing in property panel, I see the target being added immediately.

This works (In property panel):

This doesn’t work (In window):

Hi @qazs! ui.Window contains a ui.Frame. When you create your Window, you should be setting a build callback function using ui.Frame.set_build_fn(). The Window has logic to call that automatically when needed, but you can also call it manually when necessary by using ui.Frame.rebuild().

I will show an example at our Developer Office Hours tomorrow at 11AM (PDT). You can join on Discord for a live follow-up or catch the recording on YouTube.

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Here is the timestamped video link for the Developer Office Hour where I answered this question: NVIDIA Developer Office Hour - 07/22/2022 | NVIDIA On-Demand