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Currently we are using nvidia jetson tx2 board with default csi2 camera setup for acquiring images. And we would like to use a customized csi2 camera with nvidia jetson tx2 board for acquiring images but we are observing an error as “No cameras available”. So, we would like to know is there any hand-shaking signals/commands sent or received by Gstreamer to camera.
We would really appreciate if we can get a support call to discuss more on this issue.

Kishore R.
Product Engineer, Harman-India
Contact: +91 97904 61347

Hi Kishore,

The default camera(OV5693) comes with Jetson TX2 board is having support in default L4T to acquire image.
Since you are using a custom camera and from your error (“No cameras available”) i understood that your custom camera is not probed successfully to acquire image.

Please confirm the below questions regarding basic camera support addition,

1)Have you added device tree support for your camera.
2)Is your camera got detected in i2cdetect command.
3)Have you added driver support for your camera and built successfully.

If above steps are done and passed then please share your dmesg log ,it will be helpful to solve your problem.


Small correction in the problem statement, we are not using any CSI2 camera.
We are trying to send image frames from host pc/simulator to jetson tx2 board via csi2 bus.
We are using CMOS to CSI2 converter (Lattice cross link) for this requirement in between.
We would like to know the I2C handshake handled by jetson board. So, that we can reply to the I2C command to the existing jetson board default camera driver.

Please let us know if you need any additional details with respect to this.

Kishore R.

Hi Kishore,

Ohh,You are mimicking a camera sensor with Lattice cross link.However to acquire image from a camera sensor the Jetson TX2 is still requires above mentioned supports.

So to identify your device you need to add a device tree entry and need to write a sensor driver to support your Lattice cross link.

Please refer this Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide to understand the steps for a camera interface to a Jetson TX2 or other Tegra devices.