Can anyone let me know the current consumption details for the fan used in TX2? part number for it will be better too… the TX2 datasheet doesn’t have information regarding this


Hi sathiyanarayanan.l, the fan is AFB0405MA-A and the max current is 0.1A (0.5W), see the spec sheet linked to here:

Thanks for the part number and the forum link.
As seen in it, the part AFB0405MA-A is a two wire fan, where in Jetson TX2 development board, 4 wire part has been interfaced ( with pwm and tach option ). So is this the 4 wire part number AFB0405MA-AAQB? got it from the shared forum link, but cant able to find the datasheet for this part. will the power rating for 2 wire and 4 wire part be the same? because I need this data for power budget calculation.


Yes, 4 wire one is AFB0405MA-AAQB, same power rating as 2 wire one.

thanks for the clarification,
Do I get the link for the spec sheet of AFB0405MA-AAQB?

Seems no public spec available, you can ask vendor for it.

thank you

hi Trumany,

Can you please let us know the life expectancy for the fan provided with TX1/TX2 eval kit?

As listed in spec, 70,000 hrs continuous operation at 40C with 15 ~ 65%RH.