Reg: WIFI antenna and GSM antenna

currently I’m designing a carrier board with TX2 , where I have WIFI ( one in the TX2 ), GSM and GPS module to be used in the carrier board and planned to have stick antenna for these. I’m concerned whether placing these 3 antennas adjacent to each other in PCB, create any communication errors? like signal interference. Also is it advisable to place these antennas nearby?


Antenna will have isolation requirement, better keep enough distance from each other.

hi Jim,

Thanks for the reply, can you please let me know the minimum spacing requirement between these antennas for good performance.


Regarding antenna placement it’s quite complicated topic.
Even WLAN MIMO Antennas itself also will have isolation requirement like 15dB.
Transmitting power, frequncy and distance all impact ant isolation.
So it’s not a easy simple min distance answer to give.
Search antenna placement/isolation/distance will have lots of example to study.
If you don’t have chance to do ANT test, follow basic rules from pubilc search.